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Alaska English Adventures LLC 

Summer 2022 Program: Fairbanks Gold

Arrive: Tuesday, July 26


Arrive at Fairbanks International Airport. Student customers will be picked up and taken to the cabin by AEA Representative.


Stay: Chandalar Ranch


Driving: 20 miles to Ranch: 36 miles to Chena Hot Springs Resort


Dinner: Killer Bucket of Meat and Beans. Served with green salad and drinks.


Enjoy a campfire, short hiking in the cabin area, and swimming and hot pooling at Chena Hot Springs Resort before the day is done.


July 27

Stay: Chandalar Ranch


Breakfast: Cereals, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, juice, tea, coffee

Lunch: Sandwiches, fruit, chips, drinks

Dinner: Pasta, bread, salad, cold drinks.

2 Hours English Conversation Lessons (see Education link, Fairbanks Gold Tour for details)


Take a stance, choose your weapon, and fire away with former Army Sniper and Gun Instructor Curtis Stables. A gun shooting workshop and gold panning with Gold Daughters will fill our day.


July 28, 29, 30

Stay: Denali Mountain Morning Hostel


Driving: 125 miles from Fairbanks to Hostel


Breakfast: Mountain Man breakfast: Skillet meal cooked over a fire in a frying pan, with bacon & sausage, onion, hash browns, eggs, and grated cheddar cheese, coffee, tea, juice. Cereals, oatmeal, coffee, tea, juice.

Lunch: Ham, turkey, or cheese sandwiches, hummus with chips, granola bars, fruit, water.

Dinner: Grilled salmon, lasagna, (and one night out), green salad, and rolls. Sides of rice, potatoes, vegetables. Dessert will include ice cream and pie.


6 Hours English Conversation Lessons (see Education link, Fairbanks Gold Tour for details)


July 31

Breakfast, pack luggage, check out of Hostel.

Drive back to Fairbanks from Denali.

Prepare for flight with airport transport as necessary. 



Language Lessons

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