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Alaska English Adventures is dedicated to excellence in English education, which is why we offer a 100% English immersion experience.


  • Our educational approach has three main components. The first component is the morning English lesson. Every morning we gather for a two hour English lesson that covers a specific topic related to Alaska's history, people, culture, geography, and wildlife.


  • The second component is an afternoon activity/adventure. The activity for the day is related to the morning English lesson's content, which serves to further enrich and perfect the conversational skills and vocabulary of the students.  


  • The third component is the evening meeting. Each evening we will gather to discuss the lesson and activity/adventure of the day. Students will write in English about their experiences in journals that we will provide. This allows them focused time to review, reflect on, and deepen their understanding of all that was learned throughout the day.



       TOEFL Minimum Scores to Participate in Alaska English Adventures:
             Reading 15, Listening 15, Speaking 15, Writing 20. 
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