Exploring The Kenai Peninsula 2018

August 5 - Arrive: Anchorage

Activities: Recovering from flight, swimming, relaxing 


August 6 - Anchorage to Seward

Activities: Drive to Seward and visit Wildlife Conservation Center on way. Arrive at Miller’s Landing in Seward and check into Admiral’s Cabin.

Book signing party with acclaimed Alaskan author Jamey Bradbury. 

Explore Miller’s Landing campus along with stroll down to the beach looking for sea stars and sea shells. Hike Kings Head trail on Lowell Point.

August 7 - Seward-Miller’s landing

Activities: Best of Alaska Tour (4 hours sea kayaking, 4 hours fishing, 4 hours nature viewing)


Enjoy a 4 hour paddle in Aialik Bay or Northwestern Fiord at one of the amazing tidewater glaciers, and 4 hours of sport fishing on the way home for salmon and rock fish. Lunch provided.

August 8 - Seward-Miller’s Landing

Activities: 7 mile hike back to Harding Ice Field. Will include small mountain climbing. Described as incredibly beautiful hike with full taste of Alaskan natural beauty.

Be sure to bring your camera!

August 9 - Seward-Miller’s Landing

Activities: 6 hour Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise. Get on board the catamaran with a real Park Ranger and enjoy an up close experience with an active calving glacier. See whales, sea otters, stellar sea lions, harbor seals, puffins, eagles, and seabirds. Enjoy prime rib or salmon for lunch. Alaska at its best!

August 10 & August 11 - Cooper Landing-Quartz Creek Campground

Activities: Leave Seward & Miller’s Landing and drive to Cooper Landing. Set up camp at Quartz Creek campground between Kenai Lake and Quartz Creek. Enjoy rock skipping on smooth lake water, learning how to build a camp fire, learning how to build a lean-to, and overall enjoying one of the most beautiful places on earth. Group will participate in scavenger hunts, group games, and exercises. Water sports and possible fishing will be available.

August 12 - Copper Landing to Anchorage

Activities: Drive to Anchorage.   Visit Anchorage Museum, see fish swimming at Ship Creek, talk a walk on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, visit Ulu factory.

August 13 - Anchorage

Activities: Visit Alaska Native Heritage Center (open till 5, $25 for non AK residents, $10 Ak residents), visit Kinkaid Park, attend University of Alaska-Anchorage meeting and tour

August 14 - Thanks for Coming!